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We will still be open and doing deliveries for our patients but due to the virus and everyone's safety we will be taking extra precautions for our drivers and our patients. There will be longer wait times due to these changes. We encourage you to place your order at least one day in advanced but we will still accept same day orders. We will be accepting other forms of donations besides cash but we will still be accepting cash. You can send us a message via website preferably or text message if needed for alternative ways of donation. When a order is made we will communicate a way of doing the delivery without person-to-person contact. Such as putting your donation in an envelope or bag left in the door and once the driver arrives he can leave the delivery in your door or where ever you would prefer. We want to avoid as much person-to-person contact as possible for your safety and our employees. We will continue making sure you get your medicine when you need it! When our employees are not working they are staying home to help guarantee everybody's health and safety. Thank you for understanding and if we continue to work together we will get through these tough times. Stay safe and stay home!

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